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House to someone else(拜访、做客) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Go out to play(出去玩儿) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Raising pets(饲养宠物) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Festival(过节日) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Go to the gym(去健身房) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Go to the post office(去邮局) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Color and shape(物体颜色、形状) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Insights on life(人生感悟) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Ask Why(问“为什么”) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Network life(网络生活) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Figure(数字) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Determining the orientation(确定方位) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
What is the date and time(询问日期和时间) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Ask the occupation(询问职业) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Asking about the weather(询问天气) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
The evaluation of others(评价他人) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Say hello(打招呼) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
At the airport(在机场) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
In the hospital(在医院) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Introduce each other(相互介绍) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Polite language(礼貌用语) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Ask the way(问路) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Ask for help(请求帮助) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Shopping(买东西) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
Phone(打电话) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
In the restaurant(在餐厅) $ 0(USD) (In Process)
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